Italy: By Locals – A Italy Travel Guide Written By An Italian (BOX SET!): The Best Travel Tips About Where to Go and What to See in Italy

We were travelers really tired of the typical boring travel guides. In most cases, wikipedia is much better, complete and dynamic. When we traveled, we tried to ask friends, or friends of friends who were “locals”. That is where we got the best tips by far, the most valuable ones about our travel destinations.

Our guides try to do the same as the “ask a local”, but they are (maybe!) better organized and more complete. In all our guides, we hire a “local” writer, and then we edit to be sure that they are complete, unique, fun and interesting. Typically we won’t add maps or photos (or just a few), since you can have all that on the internet and we like to give you only unique and original content that you won’t find easily.

Since we use different writers for each city, you will see (after you fall in love with our guides and download more than one), that they are not standardized. Each city is different, each “local” is different, and each guide is different. And we really like that.

Travel a lot and enjoy!
This set includes 7 Kindle books, 6 are about Italy and 1 about the island of Santorini in Greece.