Big Mamma’s Italian-American Cookbook

What truly sets this cookbook apart are the talents of the four ladies in this Italian-America family. Meet Teresa Lapetina Greco, Big Mamma, Elisabeth Greco Noviello, Mamaw, Marie Noviello Casazza, and Lee Casazza. Buon appetito!

Big Mamma’s Italian-American Cookbook: Easy and Delicious Recipes from Our Family

Author and photographer Lee Casazza has been perfecting Italian-American recipes for many years. Italian-American food gets a new and refreshing new look thanks to Lee’s knowledge of Italian cooking and kitchen experience. Big Mamma’s Italian-American Cookbook is a collection of over 100 recipes created by four generations of the Casazza, Noviello, Lapetina, and Greco families.

Lee was the fortunate recipient of the family’s cooking secrets. These recipes were passed down by her husband’s great grandmother Teresa, affectionately known as Big Mamma. Lee’s cookbook also includes many years of personal research, travel to Italy, meeting with Italian chefs, dining in restaurants, and hours of kitchen trial-and-error.

Big pluses for this book go to the following:

Recipe titles are also shown in Italian
The photos were taken right after the preparation of the dish
The recipes are really authentic and feel more Italian than the usual Italian-American fare
We also like the layout and simple but effective descriptions and instructions

Whether you are beginning to explore Italian cuisine or you’re already cooking that marinara with your eyes closed, we highly recommend this book, which will show you how to easily make a wonderful and authentic Italian-American meal.

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